Establishment Background and History

SK hynix established a SHE research center to proactively cope with national and international regulations, to develop professional technology about the SHE fields and to improve company-wide SHE service and quality with an aim to promote sustainable development and fulfill its social responsibilities.
Through this, the company has established healthy and safe business places and continuously conducted research on eco-friendly processes and products.

  • Maintained the CDP2017 hall of fame for 5 years
  • Rewarded for response to climate change and reduction of greenhouse gases (Ministry of Industry and Trade)
  • Renamed ESH Technology Research Institute ‘SHE Research Institute’
  • Acquired eco-friendly certification for initial water footprint in the semiconductor industry
  • The only CDP Hall of Fame in Korea (Achieved in the 4th year): Transferred to Platinum Club
  • Acquired 128GB SSD (Solid State Drive) Environmental Product Declaration
  • Transferred to the Platinum Club for receiving the first great honor of the CDP honors club in Korea
  • Acquired 2ynm 4Gb DDR3 Environmental Declaration of Product certification
  • Awarded CDP2015 the Hall of Fame for the third consecutive year, Acquired CDP Water Management of class
  • Acquired 20nano-class 8Gb LPDDR3/4 low-carbon product certification
  • Acquired 20nano-class 4Gb LPDDR2/3 low-carbon product certification
  • Won commendation from the minister of industry, trade and resources on Semiconductor Day
  • Registered ’the procedure for measuring efficiency of devices to remove greenhouse gas of the semiconductor industry’ at Korea Semiconductor Industry Association guidelines
  • Acquired 30nano-class 4Gb LPDDR2 Carbon Footprint labeling certification
  • Acquired 20nano-class 4Gb DDR3 Environmental Declaration of Product certification for the first time in the semiconductor industry
  • Acquired 30nano-class 2Gb DDR3 low-carbon product certification
  • Acquired 20nano-class 64Gb NAND Flash low-carbon product certification
  • Won commendation from the minister of environment at Korea green management awards
  • Won commendation from the minister of environment for green management large and medium/small enterprise green partnership
  • Acquired 40nano-class 2Gb DDR3 Carbon Footprint labeling certification
  • Introduced a CDP supply chain for the first time in the nation
  • Became a member of CDP2010Carbon Management Global Leaders Club, selected as an industrial leader (in IT)
  • Selected as a heavyweight for corresponding to CDP7 climate changes, won an ocean prize
  • Acquired Carbon Footprint labeling certification for the first time in the semiconductor industry(1Gb DDR3 SDRAM single item)
  • Complied with CDP6 and won a glacier prize * CDP : Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Launched a CDM Project for the first time in the semiconductor industry * CDM : Clean Development Mechanism
Took part in clean technology projects
  • Established ecological business places through EIP
Took part in a national project (a project for reducing the prime cost through material flow management accounting)
Selected as an agency researching military service privileges
Established ESH technological institute/ registered a company-annexed institute to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Product Environmental Effect

SK hynix Eco-efficiency

Symbol of SK hynix eco-efficiency meaning achieving factor 5 by 2015 yr.

SK hynix introduced Eco-efficiency Indicator in 2008. This indicator is to measure and increase the environmental performance and product value at the same time. Until now, 2014, we have conducted 40 case studies achieving factor 5.13. Please see the eco-efficiency brochure for better understandings.

Eco-efficiency Brouchure

2011 Brochure Download

2011 KOR [3.58MB] 2011 ENG [3.69MB]

2009 Brochure Download

2009 KOR [6.37MB] 2009 ENG [6.78MB]

SK hynix factor h2 Result

SK hynix has established the factor h2 roadmap in order to enable us to develop more environmentally friendly product. The eco-efficiency portfolio is a matrix to indicate how a target product (year 2011) has been improved compated to a reference product (year 2008). The vector of eco-efficiency indicates extent of improve ment in both product value and environmental influence.

LCA(Life Cycle Assessment)

SK hynix understands well matters and processes that have significant environmental impacts by annually conducting LCA evaluations on major products and performs research to obtain improvements. Based on the results of such LCA studies, the company was able to acquire the initial environmental product declaration in the semiconductor field for the 20 nanometer 4 Gb DDR3 products in 2013. The environmental product declaration is certified by the Ministry of Environment through the quantitative environmental information marking system for all processes such as product production, distribution/use and disposal stage, etc. for environmental improvement of products.
*LCA (Life Cycle Assessment): the method of quantitatively evaluating the environmental effects that occur throughout the whole life cycle of products

Environmental Declaration of Products

20nm 4Gb DDR3 SDRAM

Product : 4Gb DDR3 SDRAM

Certified Date : 2013.10.25

Certification Authority : Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI*)

KEITI : Korea Environmental Industry & Technical Institute

Querying Environmental Performance Results

Affected category Result Unit
Global warming 5.07E-01 kg CO2 eq. /ea
Eutrophication 4.13E-04 kg PO43- eq. /ea
Acidification 1.23E-03 kg SO2 eq. /ea
Influence on ozone layer 1.41E-07 kg CFC11 eq. /ea
Resource consumption 2.85E-03 kg Antimony eq. /ea
Generation of photochemical oxide 2.34E-05 kg C2H4- eq. /ea

Environmental Product Declaration

Since 2009, SK hynix has been promoting carbon labeling and water footprint certification for major products of the company. In 2015, the company was able to acquire certification of carbon labeling for 20 nanometer 8 Gb LPDDR3/ LPDDR4 products. 20 nanometer 8 Gb LPDDR4 products in particular were able to reduce the output of greenhouse gases by 32 % in contrast to previous certified products through the application of micro processes and optimization of energy efficiency. In 2017, the company was able to acquire water footprint certification for 20 nanometer 8Gb LPDDR3 products by participating in the water footprint demonstration project conducted by the Ministry of Environment and the company plans to continuously expand the environmental product declaration of various product lines to promote the transparent disclosure of information.
* Environmental Product Declaration : a third-party labeling system operated by the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute, which objectively certifies the greenhouse gas emission and water usage of products


Certification Product Carbon Footprint
Carbon Certification 50nm class 1Gb DDR3 602 g CO2
40nm class 2Gb DDR3 530 g CO2
30nm class 4Gb LPDDR3 807 g CO2
Low Carbon Certification 30nm class 2Gb DDR3 459 g CO2
20nm class 4Gb LPDDR2 634 g CO2
20nm class 4Gb LPDDR3 735 g CO2
Environmental Declaration of Products 20nm class 4Gb DDR3 507 g CO2

NAND Flash

Certification Product Carbon Footprint
Carbon Certification 30nm class 32Gb NAND Flash 985 g CO2
Low Carbon Certification 2Xnm class 64Gb NAND Flash 1,321 g CO2
2Ynm class 64Gb NAND Flash 891 g CO2
Environmental Declaration of Products 10nm class 64Gb NAND Flash 691 g CO2


Ecodesign is an approach to design of a product with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle
SK hynix established Eco-design Task Force in the late 2010 yr. The activities such as checklist, guideline and Measurement are under development in the field of Resource use, Energy Efficiency, Hazardous substances and recycling.
SK hynix is continuously making an efforts to develop and manufacture green product through Eco-design activites.

Partnership of Stakeholders

Cooperative Companies Green Partnership

SK hynix has taken part in a project for establishing green management systems for cooperative companies with ministries in order to cope with climate changes and to manage chemicals.
Such partnership has been pursued to reduce the carbon footprint of products through establishing greenhouse gas inventories and low carbon management systems of cooperative firms and to help cooperative firms prepare their own management systems to safely and properly handle chemical substances.
SK hynix is expected to become a company strengthening international competitiveness through win-win cooperation with participating firms and leading eco-friendly management.

CDP Response

SK hynix has maintained its position for five years at the ‘CDP hall of fame”, which is determined on the selection made by the Korean Committee for CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), as the first domestic company to be transferred to the Platinum Club in 2013.
CDP is a sustainable evaluation index that evaluates the strategy, communication efforts, achievements in relation to emission reduction, etc. of the company in response to climate changes. As such, SK hynix seeks to maintain its efforts in reducing greenhouse gases and energy use, expand carbon labeling, develop eco-friendly/ high energy efficient products and keep abreast of issues related to climate change at home and abroad, etc. In 2017, the company was honored with a ‘special award’ for acquiring the highest score among new entrants of CDP Water and is now striving to establish a Risk Zero workplace by thoroughly managing the Risks related to continuously increasing water use.