DBL is

DBL refers to SK’s management principle that strives to achieve shared growth with society by creating economic values(EV) and enhancing social values(SV) in all business activities. SK hynix has declared that the creation of our social values comes from the pursuit of employee happiness and contribution to resolving social issues. Recently, we expanded the meaning of social value to include happiness for all stakeholders. SK hynix measures social values to provide visible indications and points of reference, the areas subject to this measurement include the indirect economic contribution performance, business social performance, and social contribution performance.

EVEconomic Value
SVSocial Value

Double Bottom Line
This refers to the need to go beyond the "Single Bottom Line," Which represents the net profit positioned at the bottom of the ledgers: now, both EV and SV must be simulataneously pursued.

SV in 2019

Achlevements In Indlrect contrlbutlon to the economy

Value contributed to economy indirectly through business activities

  • Employment 2.8996trillion (KRW)
  • Dividend 684.0billion (KRW)
  • Tax payment 475.7billion (KRW)
  • 4.593trillion (KRW)
Business achievements in social performance

Social value generated through productdevelopment, production, and sales

  • Environmental (Process) -817.7 billion (KRW)
  • Products/Services 11.8 billion (KRW)
  • Social (Labor/Shared growth) 266.0 billion (KRW)
  • -539.8 billion (KRW)
Achievements in social contribution

Values generated through social contributionactivities for local communities

  • Social contribution 25.7billion (KRW)
  • Volunteer work 200million (KRW)
  • Donation 43.4billion (KRW)
  • 69.3billion (KRW)

EV in 2019

  • Revenue 26.9907trillion (KRW)
  • Operating profit 2.7127trillion (KRW)
  • net profit 2.0164trillion (KRW)


Research and Development
1z Nano DRAM
460GB/s Data Processing HBM2E
Occurrence of process quality issue
Decreased by 19 %(Compared to 2018)
Customer Satisfaction Score
4.43points (Out of 5 points)
26,990.7billion (KRW)
Operating profit
2,712.7billion (KRW)
Net profit
2,016.4billion (KRW)
684billion (KRW)
Capital expenditures (Capex)
12,747billion (KRW)
Local Communities
Social Contribution Expenditure
61.4billion (KRW)
Number of ICT based social contribution beneficiaries (accumulative as of 2019)
  • Happy GPS 13,000people
  • Silver Friend 2,100people
Happiness Sharing Fund
2.88billion (KRW)
Number of Happiness Sharing Fund beneficiaries
Tax and dues
507.7billion (KRW)
Greenhouse Gas Emissions1)
Korea 4,950,738 tCO2eq
Overseas 1,888,732 tCO2eq
Myanmar cookstove supply project
Reduced 300,000tons of Greenhouse Gas Emission
Product Carbon Footprint/Water Footprint
1X DRAM 8Gb : 507g CO2eq/each·9.38L H2Oeq/each
1X DRAM 6Gb : 405g CO2eq/each·6.26L H2Oeq/each
SHE Investments (Based on domestic worksites)
1,800billion (KRW)

1) Total of Scopes 1 and 2

Newly incorporated Newly incorporated
Total Number of Employees
Newly recruited employees (Domestic and overseas combined)
Average compensation per person
120million (KRW)
Amount of contribution to win-win growth
Number of beneficiaries from Wage Sharing
Total Number of Suppliers
Suppliers in the Shared Growth Partnership
Total Purchase
19,369.2billion (KRW)

Shared Infrastructure

Semicondutor Academy
SK hynix launched the Semiconductor Academy to develop human resources and enhance the competitiveness of suppliers, sharing our semiconductor expertise and know-how that we have accumulated over the past 37 years.
Analysis and Evaluation Support Center
SK hynix provides high-quality analysis results including analytical opinions from expert semiconductor analysts by conducting physical analysis, chemical analysis, and measurement with the newest equipment.
IPR sharing Support Center
SK hynix has established a support center that shares hands-on experience, knowledge, and expertise to protect the suppliers' intellectual property rights and make them more viable in terms of IP.
R&D Center for Joint Agenda
We have established a collaborative business model by sharing our infrastructure and creating a joint agenda based on various ideas from external institutions.
DBL Square
DBL Square is the platform that enables SK hynix to share our accumulated semiconductor knowledge and technical know-how with suppliers. It is the main communication channel for SK hynix’s DBL activities, where we gather to share ideas and resolve issues related to the creation of social values, as well as ways to strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem.

SV in Ecosystem

ECO Alliance

SK hynix jointly launched the ECO Alliance with our suppliers to resolve environmental issues within the semiconductor industry through three major tasks: establishing the environmental goals by the participating company, establishing the common environmental goal of the eco-alliance, and discovering a new eco-friendly business model.

ECO Alliance Webpage

The Exhibition of the Best Social Value Practices by Suppliers

To spread the concept of social value to our suppliers, SK hynix has been hosting “the Best Social Value Competition” among suppliers since 2020. When a supplier presents an idea on the social value creation or an exemplary case of value creation, we select the best practice and reward it with SV Points1). The discovered exemplary cases of reduced resource consumption and shared growth through reduced environmental pollution are shared with suppliers to promote greater value creation.
1) Cash points that can be used in the SV Point Mall to purchase products that have social value

SV Practices Competition

Youth Hy-Five

SK hynix operates Youth Hy-Five, an employment support program that develops tailored human resources and matches them with suppliers who need them. By matching suppliers that are experiencing difficulties in securing excellent human resources with young talents who find it difficult to enter the semiconductor industry due to a lack of information and opportunities for specialized education, we have been supporting our suppliers‘ future growth while alleviating youth unemployment.

Youth Hy-Five blog