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Background and Purpose

  • -- Build representative IT education infrastructure for Icheon and Cheongju (PCs and OA and VR devices)Description
  • -Provide IT education environment by supporting IT Infrastructure along with the maintenance of facilities


  • 1) 2011-2013 :Support for basic living facilities and renovation for old facilities (insulation, heating, papering, drainage, etc.)Support basic living facilities and improve and repair dilapidated facilities (insulation, heating, papering, drainage, etc.)
  • 2) 2014-2019 :① Improve the learning environment and provide IT equipment (PCs, laptop computers, wifi routers, desks, etc.)
    ② Expect synergy effects with our program to nurture IT science talent
    ③ Facilitate online education programs
  • 3) 2020 :Run a changed biz model (build a space for science education, experiments and ICT experiences of students and citizens in Icheon)


  • -A youth welfare facility in Icheon and Cheongju respectively