SK hynix Policy

SK hynix continues to make an effort to manufacture environment-friendly products for environmental conservation, conforming to environmental egulation, and develops the product for mass production With determination to minimize the hazardous effects that may occur to nature and man during the product's life cycle - from production to abolition.

SK hynix Eco-Friendly Product Policy

The low-energy and low-carbon product design reducing the environmental stress is adopted from the beginning of the product development, and only those raw materials free from hazardous substances are used. Currently products capable of responding to hazardous substance regulation such as RoHS and REACH are being manufactured in large quantities. Also efforts are being made to cope with the additional substances to be regulated by investing into the current status of using such substances and by developing a substitute. And an environmental stress evaluation system covering the whole product life cycle of production, use and abolition was established to develop and manufacture the products in large quantities; this system is intended for manufacturing an environment-friendly product through the product analysis and reflecting lits results to the manufacturing process.
SK hynix will continue to endeavor to become a leading company playing the part in conserving the environment for the next generation.

Green Product History

2015 Transition to Phthalate free product
2013 Executing CE Mark to comply CE-RoHS
2010 Establishment RoHS2 Compliance System
2009 Establishment REACH Compliance System
2008 Mass Production of Halogen Free product
2007 Establishment of Green Product Team
Development of Halogen Free Product
2006 Web base Database System for Green
2005 Mass Production of all Lead-Free Product and RoHS Compliant
: Qualification for Green Products , Exclusive Lead-Free Production Line

Green Product Identity

The simply designed symbolic mark of superposition of two circles implies SK hynix's will to develop environment-friendly products.
The image of a sprout and green wings representing reborn nature symbolizes SK hynix's will environmental management initiative.
The 'Eco-mark' conveys our passions to contribute to customers and society with ecological practices (Environment Consciousness Outreach), and environmental awareness of each employee (Environment Creates Ourselves)

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Application procedure of Green Product BI

Since 2005, SK hynix doesn't use six restricted substances of RoHS including lead in all product. SK hynix has produced halogen free product from 2008.

Lead Free RoHS Compliance Lead Free RoHS Compliance Halogen Free RoHS Compliance Halogen Free REACH Compliance

Green Product Code Identification

Lead Free Product

Lead Free Part

Lead & Halogen Free Product

Halogen Free Part