Ethics Management System

What is the 'ethics management' of SK hynix?

Not only does the ethics management of SK hynix protect human beings and material resources by preventing unethical behavior of the organization and its members but also seeks to gain the trust of various stakeholders by raising the ethical level of the company and strives to pursue the continuous growth and development of the company.

Ethics Management System

SK hynix introduced ethical management (enactment of Code of Ethics) in June 2000 and has sought to establish ethical management as the basis of the company culture based on ethical standards, exclusive organization and a general ethical system.

Ethics Management System

Ethical Principles
  • SK Group’s Management Philosophy And Ethical Guideline
  • Pledge to ethics practice, Code of Ethics and its practice guidelines
  • CEO’s ethics management message
Dedicated Teams
  • SK Group’s Cooperate Audit Team
  • Ethical Management Division
  • HR organizations
Ethical System
  • Prevent unethical behaviors
  • Management diagnostics

Reporting Channel

Counseling and Reporting System

SK hynix discloses its ethical standards to the executives of the headquarters overseas and implements various measures to enable all stakeholders to freely consult and report on ethical management issues.

In addition, all information received through the reporting channel is thoroughly protected by the informer protection program.

Informer Protection Program

  1. 1 No one will be put at a disadvantage with regard to their position or discriminated against for making a reasonable report.
  2. 2 In the case where a disadvantage is experienced for making a report, the person in question may request the ethical management department for rectification and protection and the department will take all measures to minimize or eliminate such disadvantage.
  3. 3 The identity of the informer and content of the report is kept confidential.
  4. 4 We equally protect people who cooperated with the investigation by giving statements or providing information, etc. during the process of making a fact check about the report.
  5. 5 The person who may have been involved in an unethical or illegal act who voluntarily reports on the matter can have the penalty for the act reduced.