Through the Global Compliance Program, SK hynix is demonstrating to society, the market and government its will to pursue fair competition based on on-going education, management and voluntary audits in order to observe related laws and regulations.
The Global Compliance Program was designed considering the particularity of the semi-conductor industry based on related laws of the countries where the company is doing business, international regulations and customers’ demands.

Compliance Declaration

SK hynix Semiconductor hereby declares that it will endeavor to put free and fair trade principles into practice and comply with both domestic and international fair trade laws and regulations.

  1. 01. The company will promote the fair trade practice as the highest value of corporate management and recognize it as true competitiveness.
  2. 02. The company does not engage in any unfair act in all areas of its business and business operations to establish order for fair trade, and cooperate with its business partners on a true partnership basis.
  3. 03. The company keeps training the entire employees, so that they will comply with the fair trade laws and regulations.
  4. 04. The company appoints a manager responsible for compliance with the fair trade laws and regulations ensuring compliance.
  5. 05. The company operates a voluntary compliance system to prevent any violation and punish the violation of its own accord.

Global Compliance Program

Global Compliance Program is a program where SK hynix increasingly strengthened/ improved the existing compliance system to comply voluntarily with the international laws and regulations related to Compliance (anti-trust, anti-corruption, conflict mineral, strategic material, information protection, supply chain management, etc) in accordance with the recent changes in the global demand for fair trade and prevention of corruption. So, it represents the will of SK hynix to compete fairly and conduct itself ethically in relation to society, the market and the government.

The Global Compliance Program of the company is designed and operated in consideration of the specific characteristics of the semiconductor industry based on the relevant laws, international regulations and customer requirements of all countries of the world, where SK hynix is a leading company in this field.

Principle of Compliance Program Operation

Repeat the five-step process (Policy Making → Training → Audit → Correction → Report) by selecting major compliance risks and global standards established for world-class companies.

Principle of Compliance Program Operation
Establishment of Principle
Report to the management
Confirm improvements

Global Compliance Guidebook

SK hynix strictly complies with the Global Compliance Guidebook as a basis for pursuing ethical decision making and compliance management under the consensus that compliance management is the foundation of continuous growth and development.