About us

BCP Overview

SK hynix Business Continuity Plan (BCP) pursues to secure the company from various disasters and emergencies, and continue our business.
SK hynix will ensure our business continuity in various and unexpected disasters and emergencies through a comprehensive preparation of response, disaster recovery, and business recovery plans.

BCP Policy Statement

SK hynix has adopted and practices Business Continuity Plans that are built upon Globally accepted standard - ISO 22301
SK hynix and its constituents shall comply with this policy and carry out their respective roles and duties specified in Business Continuity Plans.

  1. 01.
    In the event of disaster, SK hynix utilizes all available resources in its business recovery in order to minimize the possibility of our clients’ business disruption.
  2. 02.
    SK hynix reviews The Business Continuity Plans annually, through periodic assessment of risk factors and their likely impacts.
  3. 03.
    SK hynix incorporates relevant regulatory requirements, legal and contractual obligations, and the interests of related parties. (especially SK hynix’s clients)
  4. 04.
    SK hynix performs periodic drills and tests based on various scenarios, as a means of mitigating risks that threaten continuity of SK hynix and to strengthen resilience.
  5. 05.
    SK hynix promotes a resilience culture throughout the company by providing continuous education and training to all personnel.
  6. 06.
    SK hynix maintains industry-leading Business Continuity Program through periodic reviews and improvements based on international standards (ISO 22301).
  7. 07.
    SK hynix releases Business Continuity Policy, mission and objectives to public and conducts periodic reviews.

Through the Business Continuity Management System, SK hynix will secure credibility by ensuring effective availability of products and services, and seek to achieve its presence as industry-leading company.